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    Just Getting Started with After Effects? Here's Your Main Entry Door.

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      This month, we have been talking up Adobe’s new, free Get Started series of learning experiences. They’re perfect for those who have gotten an Adobe CC subscription as a Christmas gift. Generally, the series is extremely entry-level. By way of example, if you have never done any page layout/design and now you have to power of InDesign on your desktop, the InDesign Get Started package of videos, text, and sample exercise assets makes the first exposure to the app less intimidating.


      What makes the introductory packages interesting is that they do not replicate the deeper educational dives, which are commercially available. These are in a “first-look” classification of their own.


      Today we visited the After Effects series Brian Wood teaches. We could be wrong about this, but does After Effects bring out newbies, who have never worked in anything Adobe CC before? We have our doubts that there are many of those kind of first-timers. So, Brian addressed a different level of user than the other Get Started packages.


      Though this series is intended to give you a quick tour, Mr. Wood, approaches this package as if you already know something about CC apps. This would seem like a perfect transition for someone who has been working with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Animate, or preparing graphics in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, which beg to be animated. If you’re in one or more of those groups and have yet to wrap you mind, arms (and probably heart) around After Effects, don’t wait—click here:

      https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/how-to/getting-started-after-effects.html?playlist=/ ccx/v1/collection/product/after-effects/segment/designer/explevel/beginner/applaunch/ccl-g et-started-1/collection.ccx.js?ref=helpx.adobe.com


      Today’s the day you start exploring these:

      1. Open and save projects (3.36)
      2. Tour the interface (4:56)
      3. Import media (2:51)
      4. Organize projects (4:19)
      5. Build your first composition (5:52)
      6. Position layers in a composition (4:49)
      7. Create your first animation (5:01)
      8. Animate layered Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop documents (5:04)
      9. Add detail with effects (4:46)
      10. Add text to compositions (5:10)
      11. Animate efficiently with text presets (4:41)
      12. Animate text letter by letter (3:40)
      13. Make type pop with graphic elements (3:53)
      14. Stabilize shaky footage (3:31)
      15. Fix exposure issues in video (5:06)
      16. Enhance the color in your video (2:49)
      17. Custom transitions with masks (4:56)
      18. Build graphic transitions with Shape layers (4:51)
      19. Create transparency with layers (4:06)
      20. Place type into video footage (5:49)
      21. Blur out unwanted elements (4:39)
      22. Isolate elements with greenscreen (5:09)
      23. Clean up keyed footage with a garbage matte (5:32)
      24. Retime video to add impact (5:24)
      25. Generate animated backgrounds (5:01)
      26. Create a seamless looping background (4:02)
      27. Select and label multiple layers in a composition (4:18)
      28. Animate groups of layers with Pre-compose (4:02)
      29. Drive animation with null objects (4:58)
      30. Understand renderers (4:43)
      31. Position 2D layers in 3D space (3:01)
      32. Add lights to a 3D scene (5:45)
      33. Fly through a scene with a camera (3:57)
      34. Create 3D type with the Cinema 4D Renderer (5:19)
      35. Render a composition with the render queue (3:48)
      36. Create multiple renders in Adobe Media Encoder (3:41)


      As you can see, the videos are in bite-sized runtimes, so there are no excuses. Ring in the new year with new skills.