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    Bug in photoshop CC. Cannot get rid of it


      Since the installation of the latest Photoshop CC i cannot work with Photoshop anymore on my MacBook Pro.


      But I can work with it on my iMac with an older version of photoshop CC which I did not upgrade so far.


      The problem:

      If I select a certain diameter stamp or brush, let us say 3 centimetres there is only an inner circle within the selected diameter  which is actually working. It is never the diameter size which i have chosen. It is impossible to work like this, since on can only guess were the tool is working. Imagine to selected a certain circle but only a random inner circle of the diameter you selected actually does what is is supposed to do.


      That bug even effects an older version of photoshop CS6 which i have still on my computer since it came out and which worked well. I regret having bought CC which obviously like a virus affects other versions  of photoshop.  Now both of my versions CC and CS6 have the same bug.


      I had called a german representative of Adobe who deinstalled together with me everything related to CC in my computer and reinstalled it again. I even bought a brand-new macbook pro and installed a fresh CC. I am a professional photographer working for the biggest european publications and need a properly working photoshop. The problem does not go away. None of the photoshop wizards here in Hamburg/Germany who work for mayor agencies and big name photographers have any idea how to fix the problem. Neither anybody of Adobe.


      My computer worked well until this summer when I upgraded the operation system, Now since I bought a new computer a week ago, it runs High sierra anyway.


      Fortunately my  iMac with an older version of CC (2015.5) and Apple Sierra works well. I do not have the bug there.


      Does anybody have an idea. I rested everything  and deinstalled and installed again. there must be something else which effects Adobe since it is also CS6 which behave in such a strange way.


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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          It could be as simple as having the System Cursor Size set to something other than Normal.



          System Preferences>Accessibility>Display and set the Cursor size to Normal and see if that fixes the issue.




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            hans-juergenb27713077 Level 1

            Thanks a lot Jeff!!!!


            It is about 2 in the morning now and I get your message after reediting a story on the Russian mafia which I did in the 1990th on Kodachrome film.I t needed to be scanned again on an high end scanner and then cleaned of a lot of dust, dirt and scratches n the emulsion of the film.  I did not spend time in the Rhine valley with my family where I grew up since I have to work on those files for an upcoming exhibition and could not do it with the Macbook  because i HAD THIS PROBLEM.


            YOU SOLVED IT!! WONDERFUL! I am packing my stuff tomorrow and drive back to my parents since I can use my Macbook now for this work of precisely cleaning the dirt and scratches from this old diapositives. I could not do it before with the tool not working precisely. Sometimes the simple problems are the hardest  to detect.


            Thanks again Jeff!  I am grateful!! Have a great New Year!!