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        Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

        pziecina  wrote

        Your last few posts in this thread, and the associated posts in the individual product forums, do promote your self, and by association the professional services you supply to Adobe product users.


        We are currently unavailable to provide any services to any Adobe users.


        So, again, the only thing we're offering to do is help on the Adobe forums.

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          pziecina Level 7

          If you wish to provide links and possibly reviews to the Adobe tutorials, then contact the Adobe staff member for the individual products, and ask him/her to help you in doing so.


          There are a small number of ways currently available for creating such documents, and the 'documents' section of each forum is one of them. Forum discussions are not the way to do what you are doing.


          For one thing, within a few days such discussions are 'lost' as newer discussions replace them. They become outdated as new versions are released, and Adobe removes old tutorials eventually, so the links become 404 errors.

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            TriciaLawrence Adobe Employee

            As this thread is ACP-based and no longer appropriate for the Lounge discussions, I and locking it and reaching out to the key individuals concerned with answers in a separate email message.  Thanks!

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