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    Photos change to red tone before my eyes, what is happening? Please look, please help


      I have attached a screenshot before it changed all the photos....like i said, right before my eyes!Photos I have edited and  a lot raw files all change to this red hue when i open them up in bridge or photoshop.

      they finished images show up red in windows viewer as well, but when i edited them, months ago  they were not like this. I started going through old photos and it isn't doing it to all of them, or its not a noticeable. It is almost like when you save a jpeg on your camera with a raw file  and how the jpeg looks more saturated.

      I re calibrated my monitor, purged bridge, made sure i was still running RGB98.

      Does anyone know what is going on

      red saturation.jpg


      so i got lucky and this screenshot shows the original picture, but when I go to click on it it changes to the same tone as the thumbnail below it