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    Ask the AEM Community Experts for Jan on MSM

    smacdonald2008 Adobe Employee


      For the Jan Session of Ask the AEM Community Experts - we are doing the session on AEM and MSM. However - we are collecting questions from the community that the presenters will answer (this is a new format). If you have MSM questions you want answered, Please post them here!!


      Details of this webinar:

           What: Using Multi-site Management with Adobe Experience Manager

           Time – Tues Jan 30, 2018 11 AM EST

           Description: For the January 2018 session of Ask the AEM Community Experts, we are doing a session on Multi-Site Management with AEM. Join the AEM      Multi-site management team to learn more about how Multi-site management works with Experience Management. During this session, you will learn more about      how to implement MSM into your projects as well as hearing answers to questions asked by the AEM community.

           More Details and to sign up: Ask the AEM Community Expert: Using Multi-site Management with AEM | AEM Technologist Group *Virtual (San Jose, CA) | Me…