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    Size of image upon OPENING.


      When I OPEN an image now, after the last update it opens at 1% magnification and then I use CTRL+) it only magnifies to 16.8 so then I have to use CTRL+ to get it magnified to the size I want it.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you tried resetting your preferences? Also, if you want to zoom up fast, why don't you use ctrl-0 to zoom to fill the frame?

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            risingstar1 Level 1

            Hello Chuck,

            Thank you for your response, sorry I have been away for a couple of days.


            So there is nothing that I can see in preferences that gives you options in how to zoom in or out.


            Exactly what in Preferences are you taking about.


            I use CTRL+0 all the time but that is what I am saying is after the last update ...

            Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.0 20180116.r.238 2018/01/16: 1153018  x64

            it worked differently, something changed



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              S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

              Hi. Chuck is not referring to a specific preference. Sometimes, the whole app's preference file can become corrupted (it's constantly being overwritten as you quit, so any glitch can cause a preference file issue). This can affect the working of the whole application, which may include the issue you're seeing (even if there's no specific preference for that function).


              To reset the preferences (assuming you're on a Windows computer), make sure the app's shut down. Then, hold down Alt+Control+Shift and KEEP THEM held down as you start Photoshop. Don't let go of those keys, until it asks you if you wish to delete preferences. At that point, you can let go of the keys and hit "yes". This will set the application's preference back to factory defaults.

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                risingstar1 Level 1

                Thank you, brilliant, worked! Thx to everyone for your help.