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    Aperture Import stops at 1004 files

    softwarereg Level 1

      Hi - I've just purchased Lightroom classic, and am new to the tool, and am attempting to use the built in Aperture import plugin to import my Aperture library. However, everytime I get to 1004 files, the import hangs. I've tried 3 different libraries, and each one hangs at 1004 files, without any apparent errors. I can't find anything that indicates there is a limit to how many files you can import, but it's odd that it keep stopping at 1004. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do (a setting somewhere) etc to import the full library into Lightroom. I really want to switch to this new tool, especially since Aperture isn't supported any longer, but I'm stuck if I can't figure out how to get the images into Lightroom to begin with? Thanks!


      I'm using Lightroom Classic on iMac running High Sierra.


      UPDATE: I tried importing 2 smaller (sub 1000 files) Aperture Libraries into Lightroom Classic... it once again failed with the total count reached 1003 this time. First library contained 485 files, second contained 771 and failed at 518). Once again, no errors logged.


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          vscharpenphoto Level 1

          I have almost the same trouble using Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88).


          The only difference, I tried 2 different Apertures libraries, but both stuck at 2024 images.

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            andréh11364517 Level 1

            Hi there,


            I have experienced a similar problem and noticed that when my import stalls (at 1527 imported images), my system memory (12 GB) is entirely used up by Lightroom. When I end the stalled import, shortly thereafter I get a system message that I am running out of system memory and need to close unused programs.


            When I tried with smaller libraries, it would work, but eventually I ran into the same problem with those, too.


            So I think that the Lightroom version I'm using is having a memory leak issue.


            I'm on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 running Lightroom Classic CC 7.1. !

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Suggestion for both of you. Remember that the Adobe developers had to figure out Aperture's structure - Apple didn't help - and they may not have seen all the possible problems. If you can't identify unusual images or odd metadata that are breaking the import process, your best way forward would be to use the old manual way to migrate which people used before Adobe introduced its import plugin.

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                andréh11364517 Level 1

                Thank you, John!


                I've been avoiding to do this manually. I guess I will migrate my aperture library to Apple's Photos do have continuing access after Aperture's demise and start a new library in Lightroom.

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                  MontanaKarl Level 1

                  I'm in the same boat - froze after importing 1002 files / 5% with Lightroom Classic.   In this similar thread, an Adobe rep suggests downloading / importing with Lightroom 2015 CC (for which the import plugin was developed) - and then convert the catalog to Classic. 


                  Import from Aperture stalls at 5%


                  Seems like he/they would be more direct and just say "the import plug-in doesn't work with Classic", or Classif has a memory leak we haven't fixed yet...


                  I did a lot of reading / experimentation with exporting folders for import vs using the plugin and I found that the plugin produced superior and consistent metadata across all images - original and full size version previews (be sure to regenerate all previews for import) - as well as retained all Aperture organization.


                  I deleted my LR 2015 when I installed Classic.   Now to see if I can find it or a download to see if that really is a solution as it was for the fellow in the linked thread...

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                    MontanaKarl Level 1

                    I can confirm that import zipped through my 19,000 image Aperture library using Lightroom 2015 CC.   Then opened catalog in Lightroom Classic and it updated.  All seems good.


                    Only issue I have to look at tomorrow was 53 images that did not import - but were copied to a "NotImported" folder inside the LightroomMasters folder.    Predominant file format for those was BMP and GIF - very old scans / captures - and a handful of JPG and TIF files.  "Unsupported asset type" - so something about the formats must be too ancient.


                    It's a shame that Adobe delivers the Aperture Import plug-in with Lightroom Classic, yet it doesn't work properly there.  But, at least 2015 is an easy download and provides a transition workaround.

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                      thebebinator Level 1

                      Yes, this worked for me too. I was getting hung up after a thousand or so photos. Installing the older version (2015) from the creative cloud app worked fine on my 14k photo aperture library. Thanks so much.


                      Note, you can install the old version by clicking the little dropdown arrow beside the current version in the creative cloud application.