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    I cant use my GPU in Premiere Pro 2018, Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects

    carlosg26489137 Level 1

      Hello I have a big problem.

      My GPU dont works. I cant use it for rendering (OpenCL)

      I have a Asus ROG Strix RX 470. And i5-6600k

      It must work my GPU is good :/ I have all 2018 versions. I mean PePro2018, AE 2018, MEncoder 2018...

      I've just buyed 32GB of RAM for AE... I'm a student I dont have much money and I dont want to spend again a bunch of money for a CUDA graphics card...

      I dont understand why it shouldnt work with my RX 470.

      There's no reason why it shouldnt work...

      [And I still dont understand why AE is using only CPU for the most rendering... we have 2018 guys.. but thats now another topic..]


      does anyone have any ideas?


      I already tried this tutorial:

      HowTo Enable OpenCL for AMD Cards in Premiere Pro CC 2017 - YouTube

      I think it worked only in 2017. Adobe removed this trick in 2018, and thats also very sad and unfair