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    Sync between LR Classic CC and LR CC


      How editing in LR Classic can be synced to LR CC? For example, Adding map location in LR Classic and then re syncing to LR CC.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You mean then have the map location added in Lightroom CC? How would you do that when there is no mapping feature in Lightroom CC yet? I'm not an expert on Lightroom CC, far from it. But I think you're getting ahead of yourself a bit. You've got to give Lightroom CC some time to grow and mature.

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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            There are a few things that don't sync between LR Classic and the LRCC cloud. One of these is any Location Data which is entered into Classic either by the user or by the reverse geocoding "address lookup" feature. GPS co-ordinates DO sync, however, so you should at least see the location of the image in the small map in LRCC's Info view.