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    Photoshop doesn't show editings on canvas until I zoom

    alessandroc80 Level 1

      Hi everybody,

      I just got this terrible issue since few days: I can't see any edit I do on the canvas until I zoom in or out on the canvas itself.

      This happens also when hiding layers: the hidden layers remains visibile until I zoom.

      This make photoshop really unusable.


      I attach a gif showing an example:


      (here the direct link to GIF: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/content_link/tpeyELWhuGAoqf6VvKrLsBXPt54lhpdfDfwUT5wSNgd aYC5MLhsrhhXAVqgjy5O9/file?dl=0&duc_id=ixlabb8EDQIpeNCr5DtlKzjG75FqGyS32eWiUa0tC9ejDCDFRn3 OWmE3HBXhCY2Z&raw=1&size=2048x1536&size_mode=3 )in this GIF a just create some rectangles and, as you can see, they are not visible on the canvas until I zoom in or out!


      I already tried to delete PS Preferences and it doesn't wok.

      PS version is 19.1.0 on Mac OSX 10.13.3

      Can anybody please help me? thanks!