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    Photoshop CC '15: cannot draw whilst zoomed in.


      The issue I'm having is near identical to this: Photoshop CC When I zoom in, I can't draw with my Cintiq 13HD?

      Only difference is, I am using a Intuos4 WACOM tablet.


      In case the same questions are asked as were in the linked forum above, I'll place a few notes down:

      - Windows 10 64bit.

      - Difference in brush/canvas pixel size does not make any difference to this issue.

      - This is a PHOTOSHOP EXCLUSIVE problem. (Easy Paint Tool SAI works perfectly.)

      - I do not touch any of the Shift/Ctrl/Alt buttons when drawing.

      - I have not uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop. PS was working fine, then midway through a drawing, it randomly started doing this error. I believe I must have hit some sort of hotkey without realizing it, causing this effect.


      PLEASE help! This is driving me up the wall!!