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    Can't change bullet numbering options


      Hey everybody!


      I'm running the most current version of Adobe CC on an iMac here, and today I'm just running into an annoying problem when trying to format a bulleted list. I click the button to make it a numbered list in my toolbar, but I actually want it to be lettered (A, B, C, etc). When I option + click the numbered list button to open the Bullets & Numbering dialog box, I click the Format dropdown under Numbering Style to select the desired option with letters. However, after I click it it just reverts back to numbered as if I didn't do anything at all. Methods I've tried include:


      1. I've restarted inDesign
      2. Restarted my computer
      3. Made sure everything is up to date including my computer software and nothing is fixing this issue.
      4. Tried applying a different paragraph style to the paragraph before trying to change the formatting in the Bullets & Numbering dialog box.
      5. Toggling the preview checkbox in the Bullets & Numbering dialog box to see if that was affecting it for some odd reason.


      In fact, if I try to change any of the dropdowns in the Bullets & Numbering dialog box at all absolutely nothing happens.


      Anybody have any idea what's going on or what else I can do?