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    Indesign document prints as a previous version of the document - why?

    sivey@pdx Level 1

      I have a huge document that I have tried saving both to the cloud and to my local drive.and my file looks fine WITHIN Indesign. My edits look beautiful. I currently want to print chapter 15. But when it prints, it prints a previous version. In that print result, I see errors that I have already fixed, not the version I see on my Indesign screen that has been saved.



      1. I am using Indesign Cloud.
      2. This does not happen to other documents.
      3. I have tried saving the document 'save as' to a different name.
      4. I have rebooted my computer and printer more than once.
      5. I have saved the file both to the cloud and to my hard drive.
      6. I have freed up space on my hard drive (which was very full).
      7. I have tried pdf export, pdf print, and printing directly from within Indesign with the same result.
      8. I notice that my profile with Adobe no longer has the photo I inserted, which seems strange.