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    Site generating random <div>


      When ever you scroll to the very bottom of this site HOME it generates random div boxes and makes the page longer? why odes it do this? I need it to stop, at first when you scroll down it will look like its not doing it but if you scroll a load of times down and then wait a bit it will do it...

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          Pavel Homeriki Level 5

          I think the reason is in third-party widgets or codes. Most likely the blame is video background widget. In general, the code of your site is terrible and contains a lot of structural errors - all this is the fault of third-party widgets. When you report an error, always report the same way that you use third-party widgets or codes.

          As a crutch, you can try the following code. Paste it into the HEAD in the page properties.



          .verticalspacer {

              height: 0px !important;

              min-height: 0px !important;




          If that does not work, remove the third-party widgets one by one until you find the cause of the problem. And the widget that prohibits the right click you can remove immediately, because it is just a small annoying hindrance. The one who needs it will easily bypass his defense. Therefore, except for too much code and load, it does not give anything.

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