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    How to Retain the Back Button icon | Robohelp 2017 Responsive HTML Indigo Layout

    eshnab5182301 Level 1

      I was exploring the Responsive HTML Indigo layout in Robohelp 2017. I customized the back button and it worked fine, but the icon I uploaded for the back button doesn't stay when I click inside a book. For Example, the following are names of the books:


      home page.png


      When I click the book, it takes to the second level landing page where all the task names are displayed. Here the back button is displayed properly.


      book level- when hovering.png

      But when I hover anywhere in the screen, the icon given for back button is changed to the icon given for the book.

      book level-when mouse pointer moved.png


      Can anybody suggest how to make this back button only show the icon created for back button instead of the icon for the book?


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