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    CC stuck with a spinning circle

    ClaytonKing Level 1

      Out of nowhere, one of my photoshop extensions quit working properly, throwing an error about it being unsigned upon launch of PS. Then my files and fonts won't show in the Assets of CC. All I get is a spinning circle. Further inspection shows that somehow CC Filesync was turned off. How'd that happen? The location field is blank. How'd that happen? After searching these forums and elsewhere, it seems the only viable solution is to completely remove the entire suite and reinstall. Seriously?


      I realize every circumstance is different, and I get the value of cloud computing, but I think it's become ridiculous that such exhaustive measures are required to fix a problem. Particularly since many of us put a great deal of effort in to customizing our workspaces, installing extensions, etc., only to have to rebuild it all again.


      Does anyone else have experience with Creative Cloud syncing problems that sort of pop up out of nowhere?


      I've tried downloading and installing over the installation, but it doesn't work. Tried uninstalling, but it then requires uninstall of the suite...


      Just frustrated I guess...