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    Delete post

    karminder96 Level 1

      Hello, can you please delete my only post? i have found the solution and no longer want the post.


      What pc specs for a new beginner

      This is the post






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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Adobe forums are useful not just for the few people posting questions, but also for the thousands of people who search for answers and find threads like yours. If Adobe were to delete every answered thread, this place wouldn't be the rich resource of information that it currently is.


          Is there a reason you would like the thread removed? I don't see any personal information or anything in that thread.

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            karminder96 Level 1

            Honestly, im not getting any answers that quite fit my question and i honestly also don't like my name being traced all over the web despite making a thread in a forum. So thats why i want it removed, aswell as this post if thats possible.

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              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

              Hi karminder96,


              I have requested the concerned team to follow up on What pc specs for a new beginner

              Let me know how would you like to proceed with the deletion of the post.