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    Where is Develop Module?


      I just downloaded my free trial and today watched many videos on using lightroom. I just opened my LR and it looks completely different than what was on the videos. I can't find the "develop module." I also don't have the "Y" feature where i can see the before and after side by side. I can click back and forth but it doesn't show to before and current but I can't get them side by side. What am I doing wrong?

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          You've probably downloaded the wrong version. There are two different version of "Lightroom", one called Lightroom Classic and the other simply called Lightroom CC (or LRCC for short).


          Classic is the latest version (version 7) of the traditional Lightroom, which is probably what you saw in the videos. It is "desktop-centric", meaning all imported photos are held locally on your hard drives, though you can sync smart previews of them to the Adobe cloud, which you can then access by other synced devices such as phones and tablets.


          LRCC is a brand new program, sharing many of the edit capabilities of LR Classic, but is "cloud-centric"....meaning all imported photos are automatically uploaded to the Adobe cloud, though you can optionally retain a copy of them on your local dives.

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