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    Movie Poster Artwork to Vector Image?


      I have watched a dozen tutorials that are not making it clear to me how to do this?! I've designed several movie posters in photoshop which means once I begin blowing them up to print size everything becomes pixelated and blurred. Actually, it looks that way now with the text and other elements. Ive tried image trace in .ai that either destroys the photo, turns it into a watercolor look, makes it black and white amongst a million other results for every Live Trace choice (High Fidelity Photo, 6 Colors etc.) How can I take one of these posters and convert it so that it can have a clean vectorized look at any size!!??? 6 months of filing through tutorials and I still can't find anything that explains it!



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          If you have your originale work PSD and text is still in text layer you should not have a problem with the text.  and Shape layers. However your artwork will be a problem if the document was not created the size and resolution needed for your poster to begin with. Which it apears you did not do so you have a problem. Only some styles of art work would auto trace well and image content needs to be traceable. There can not ba a temendous amount of detail and colors. If your work does you will not be able to convert   If you want to work small and later blow it up you should use a vector drawing application like AI int the first place.  If you find you have to redo your postors  create then poster size in photoshop or use AI to begin with create vector art..


          You may be able to for desaturate it play with levels and use a program like potrace to create a vector SVG file.  I have some sucesss with  drawing I download fron the web.   However Photoshop does not support SVG file well but AI does.   I do not Install AI so I had potrace create a file which I open onto Photoshop Loaded the layers transparency  as a selection and converted it to a path to defined a custom shape.   I'm sure the protracted path in a svg file would be better.   I have though About placing in the SVG file as a vector smart object layer. But I wanted a vector path in Photoshop.


          Photoshop Script  Black and White Raster to Vector



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            The normal workflow is to use Photoshop for photos and special effects (having very carefully chosen resolution) and add text, shapes, vector effects in Illustrator... Mixing apps is how this is done.


            Actual film posters (I don't know if these are for movie house release) may be run very large indeed and need astonishingly large images. It is vital to get production specifications - contractually binding - before starting work. Movie companies will also constantly make late changes, and will need all elements separate for translation and repurposing.

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