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    Can Robohelp6 and Robohelp7 co-exist on a machine?

      I write for a few different groups, some with Robohelp 6 and some with 7.
      For life to be good, I really need to have versions 6 and 7 installed on my machine. I have a license for each - my department bought version 6, and another department bought me a copy of version 7. But - when I installed 7, 6 was un-installed.

      I can't develop my other projects in 7, because they won't be able to support it once I'm done (because they still have 6).

      Can these two co-exist?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          I currently have the following all installed and peacefully coexisting side by side on the same PC.

          RoboHelp X5
          RoboHelp 6
          RoboHelp 7
          RoboHelp 8

          So I'm going to go so far as to blatantly claim that version 6 and 7 together will work. What you can't do is to expect to use 7 to edit projects and still use 6 to edit the same projects.

          There is another issue that might be at play too. If 7 was purchased as an upgrade for 6, the licensing probably prevents you from leaving 6 installed and also installing 7. You would have to have purchased full versions of each to do so.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Also note that you cannot do this if you plan to use RH for Word. You will be able to import Word docs into RH HTML and produce printed documentation from RH HTML.