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    Logo in the sand

    CharlotteMetzger Level 1

      I have seen many videos on how to get the "write on sand" effect and I have even done that once, but I have a request from a customer that is a little different. My customer wants a photo of her logo (which is not writing) in the sand. Wants it to look like the logo was drawn in the sand and then wants imprinted on flip flops. I have uploaded the logo. Does anyone know how to do this or if there are instructions anywhere to do this? Any help would be most appreciative. 500px-Penn_State_Nittany_Lions_svg.png

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          There are many ways to to that one of which is to use Photoshops 3D.


          1. Use the image with Filter >3D > Generate normal map and save the resulting map


          2. Take an image of sand and make a 3D extrusion


          3. In the properties panel for front extrusion material, click on normal  then Load Texture. Load the map you made above


          4. Adjust the light and render the 3D layer




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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            An other way would be to define a custom shape for the logo so you can make it any size.  Then use a Layer style to emboss the logo into the background sand then fill the mold with molten silver and watch it harden and shine.