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    Catch 22: Sign-in required for sign-in assistance

    jane-e Adobe Community Professional

      First, I am amused, and second, I can't sign in to the Adobe forums using Safari on my new iMac. There must be a setting I need to change and I don't have any idea what it could be. I have also tried looking for ways to reset Safari to defaults and apparently I haven't found it.


      I used two-factor identification when signing into the forums, and it failed a half a dozen times or so before I got locked out.


      The laugh-out-loud part is that when I click "Contact Adobe Customer Support" for help with signing in, I have to sign in to get support. This cracks me up!


      I can get into the forums with my iPad and Firefox, but if someone can help with the Safari setting, I'd love to hear the solution.


      And if you just want to laugh with me, please join in!