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    Lost Files


      Please I need help.  I am running Illustrator Creative Cloud on a Mac IOS Sierra, I do not have much experience but I was translating some documents that were in a PDF format.  I translated 25 pages, one by one, then save them as ¨save as¨, they were in a file as a PDF.  Later during the day I tried to email the document but I was not able to from Illustrator itself.  So I saved each single page as ¨Save as¨ , only this time I saved them in my ¨Documents¨ section, the problem was that I had every page numbered (1,2,3,4,5,6.... and so on) and when a save the first page the second one disappear.  Example: save number 1 and number 2 disappeared, save number 3 and number 4 disappeared and so on.  Now I can't find the missing numbers, this were documents really hard to translate, can anyone please give me any ideas in how to recuperate the lost documents.

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All those were single documents? Not one document with 25 pages?


          Have you tried searching for the names with Spotlight?

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            henrys17203935 Level 1

            I have finally found all of the pages, thank for your concern Monika.  To answer your question, yes they were single pages and yes I did find some of them using spotlight.  I did single pages because did´nt know how to set up a whole document, I asked for some help from a friend and I am working on improving my skills now.  Thanks, once again.

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              Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome. Glad you could solve the issue.


              Opening a PDF in Illustrator is difficult in itself. Let alone a multipage one.

              This script is helpful: Re: Introducing: Open Multi-Page PDF win/mac


              Still opening the PDF is not the ideal workflow and only advisable when it's either a PDF saved from Illustrator with "Illustrator editing capabilities" or there's no other file available.


              In order to combine multiple artboards/pages rom multiple Illustrator files into one file, you will need to create additional artboards in your workfile and then copy the content from the other files into your workfile.


              Also: when working on an Illustrator file and saving PDFs for your client, I would always save an AI file for editing purposes and the PDFs on top of it in order to send to the client or the printing service.


              You might also combine multiple PDFs into one PDF using Acrobat. Combine or merge files into a single PDF, Adobe Acrobat DC