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    Cannot get a TabbedPalette of type "web" (browser palette) in Bridge CC 2018

    Ienne65 Level 1

      I must be dumb--and I am certainly not at all familiar with Javascript and Extendscript--but I cannot get TabbedPalette to work....


      I have a script which used to work in past versions of Bridge and, among other things, it opened an HTML page in a TabbedPalette. It does not work anymore because the TabbedPalette is not created, and I do not have a clue why.


      Here is the simplest example (copied quasi-verbatim from the Adobe Bridge CC 2018 Javascript Reference):


      #target bridge
      // create browser palette
      var webPalette = new TabbedPalette(app.document, "myWebPalette", "myWebID", "web", "http://www.adobe.com");
      $.writeln("webPalette visible: " + webPalette.visible);
      // create ScriptUI palette
      var scriptPalette = new TabbedPalette(app.document, "myScriptPalette", "myScripID", "script");
      scriptPalette.content.add('statictext', [15,15,105,35], 'Display this text in my tab.');
      $.writeln("scriptPalette visible: " + scriptPalette.visible);


      I can run it in Adobe Extendscript Toolkit CC and the scriptPalette is created as expected in Bridge. Not the webPalette. I see no error message of any sort. The output on the console is as follows:


      webPalette visible: undefined
      scriptPalette visible: true


      Hence it seems that the webPalette is not even created. Certainly it is not visible.


      What am I doing wrong?





      Adobe Bridge CC x64

      Adobe Extendscript Toolkit CC

      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro