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    Fireworks UI Latency

    Tim Sheiner
      I'm a new user to Fireworks. I'm mostly finding my way around OK, getting my work done. However, I'm finding that the UI is really slow. Is this a known issue or if there is something wrong with my installation? I'm running FW4 on Leopard on MacBook Pro 2.4GHz dual core with 4GB RAM.

      Partially it seems to be a refresh issue, for instance I'll select an object on the canvas but the properties panel doesn't update appropriately until I actually click in that panel. In the layers panel it looks like a different problem where it just takes a while for the app to figure out, when adding a new layer for example, where the new layer goes in the layer hierarchy.

      Anybody else experiencing this?

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          Yes, I am. I'm also running FW CS4 on a very similar MBP setup and it feels very sluggish to me too. At least I now know I'm not alone.
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            hi guys.. i use fireworks on PC... now on MAC... i'm confused..everybody says mac is good to art and graphics but fireworks and corel draw 11 its too slow..
            on fireworks when i'm using tools like blur, brush, erase... the speeds go down and mouse slows, this tools on photoshop seems ok...

            intel iMac 2.66 3gb ram ati2600pro
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              r u a computer guy? Level 1
              Same problems here. Looks like I don't need to rush out and upgrade my PPC Mac just yet.
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                r u a computer guy? Level 1
                Same problems here. Looks like I don't need to rush out and upgrade my PPC Mac just yet.
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                  I posted something like a few months ago and wasn't able to get a reply from the Adobe devs. I've never had an issue on Windows, just Macs. It's just a frustrating issue. Fireworks is all about speed and with an issue like this, frankly I have no idea how anyone can use Fireworks on a Mac.
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                    Stewart Design Level 1
                    I am EXTREMELY frustrated with CS4 on the Mac as well. I have been using Fireworks on Windows since verison 1, and recently started using it on the Mac with CS4. Constant refresh issues, lagginess, etc. I'm not sure how much to blame on the CS4 upgrade vs. the platform difference. But it NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!!!
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                      jcbluesman Level 1
                      I suspect the suite is a port from Windows to Mac and that is what makes its performance second rate. Mind you, Adobe has no problem charging the same amount for a second rate product. Regardless, the blame lies solely with Adobe.
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                        napdan Level 1
                        Same here.
                        The UI is unbelievably slow. It only happens in FW4.
                        The properties toolbar and the layers panel take ages to refresh.
                        This doesn't happen on Windows, only on Macs.
                        Why don't they fix this???
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                          DantasticDan Level 1

                          Hi all,


                          I'm determined to find out the true cause of this problem as I'm a big supporter of Fireworks and it's almost impossible to convert my co-workers on a design program that runs this poorly on a Mac.


                          I've started a similar thread on http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436190?tstart=60.


                          Recently I've tried Fireworks on several different Mac setups around the office and I have yet to find one that runs Fireworks anywhere near the speed of a PC.


                          My biggest concern with this issue is that there's been several threads started on these forums and no one from Adobe has offered any inciteful acknowledgement.  My feeling is that this isn't anything that can be patched and would require a complete rewrite of the code.


                          Oh well, here's hoping that Apple's release of Snow Leopard helps us out.  Sad because a lot of professional users here want to use Fireworks in their workspace but simply are unable to until this is resolved.