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    How to draw shape in 'Comments' with no fill

    markf64 Level 1



      I'm using the latest version of Acrobat Pro DC and need to select a rectangle from 'Drawing Tools' (working in 'Comments') and give it no fill but it must have a visible border.


      I can fill with white and set the opacity to zero, which has the same effect as no fill. However, if I change the fill to zero opacity the border changes to zero opacity at the same time. If I then increase the opacity of the border to 100% it also increases the fill to 100% opacity! Very frustrating.


      I have found a forum solution from January 2018 which suggests opening an 'old Properties Toolbar' using Cmd+Ctrl+Shift but this does nothing at all. Apparently getting up the 'old Properties Toolbar' gives you access to a 'no fill' option, rather than setting opacity to zero.


      I need to do this as part of a proofreading course exercise so desperately need to find a solution that works.


      Thank you.