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    Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?

    Erotokritos Level 1

      Helloooooo! Over there, are you listening to me?

      I think you have to take a close look to stopping support of the Muse project.

      We have spent a lot of time learning how to use Muse, we have created a large number of customers with websites through Mouse, and we continue.

      If you respect your customers, you should think again.

      Muse is not Flash to have security issues or its works not supported by browsers. Although the flash continues, the name is changed to Animate.

      Please respect us and continue the good work on Muse.


      God bless America.



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          WicksieRMIT Level 2

          This is the first time I've been angry at a discontinued app.


          This is the worst thing I've heard out of Adobe and I'm very unhappy about this.  This will actually affect my business severely.

          Expecting us to use either online web builders or developers is a joke.


          Big mistake Adobe, you suck.

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            sstuart48 Level 4

            Please Adobe reconsider this, I also run a business in the UK and we have over 20 clients on the Muse platform. Please don't discontinue this fantastic product.

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              CuriousChip Level 3

              Adobe is going to hurt a lot of designers and businesses with this deplorable decision. There is no comparable product that can stand in for Muse, especially integrated with BC for use as a testing server. Their suggestions for what they think are acceptable alternatives are insulting, to put it mildly.


              I have never, ever considered looking for alternatives to Photoshop and InDesign, which I have used for many years. But if Adobe follows through with this horrific decision to discontinue Muse, I will be actively looking for ways to become a former Adobe customer. Muse is a HUGE part of the value of my CC subscription. A large part of my professional and personal life are wrapped in work I do with Muse. I feel as if Adobe has spat on me and given me the finger... but worse.

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                Lindloon2 Level 1

                Absolutly correct CuriousChip.
                I just spent a few hundred Dollars into supporting Muse CC software for templates, sliders etc.
                I switched to Muse CC last year after working with Serif Webplus for many years.
                Due to a change in my hosting server I had to move all my supported websites from one server to the new one and used this opportunity redesign and to mock them up with Muse CC.
                Reading that this great product will no longer be supported was a shock this morning. I first thought it was a mistake or "fake news" when I checked the mails. But it seems to be true and I have no understanding for such a terrible decision.
                I really wonder why they come up with such strange strategies. I hope the protests will continue and they will think their decision over.

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                  Studio96 Level 2

                  Just to echo shock at this decision - my client base and business is run on Muse.


                  Is XD viable to run as a way to build sites for others? Does unsupported mean eventually not being able to run on a later OS build? Sounds like it.


                  I will either have to tell my clients to go elsewhere or i will have to learn a new program and migrate all my sites at zero cost to the client :-(

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                    Preran Adobe Employee

                    Hi all,


                    Apologize for your frustration. I understand that the transition to another software will not be without challenges. Having said that, Adobe Muse will continue to be around and supported for another year. You can continue using Adobe Muse beyond that as long as its code is supported by web standards and browsers, and for as long as your OS supports it. If you have hosted your site on BC, you have a year to migrate it to a third-party hosting provider.


                    Assets such as text and images can be exported for use after migration.


                    I have started a discussion on discussing alternative solutions and migration paths Adobe Muse EOL announcement - Alternatives to Adobe Muse? and will be inviting our experts here to participate. Please bookmark this forum post for reference.




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                      prohászkac52338044 Level 1

                      PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE

                      Do not close this project!!!!


                      We built it for that

                      We got into this

                      And now all this will be gone


                      Who needs a software that will be discontinued?

                      We need this software. And we trusted in ADOBE.


                      PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE

                      Do not close this project!!!!

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                        paulw48070167 Level 2

                        I am literally in shock over this decision and feel physically sick about putting my faith in Adobe.


                        I decided to move away from a DIY web builder in September last year and spent the next 4 months learning how to use Muse and rebuilding 15 websites on the platform. This was a massive undertaking for me, but was done with confidence that it was going to really benefit my business in the future.


                        One of the main reasons for migrating to Muse was that I felt it was a risky strategy to be placing my trust in a DIY web builder company that could go bust at any time, where as using Adobe would be be a safer and smarter way to go. Wouldn’t it?


                        And the reason for this…


                        “As Adobe continues to re-focus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value”


                        What a load of crap! The real reason is that you are money grabbing bastards and as Muse probably doesn’t make you obscene amounts of money, you’d prefer to Judas you loyal paying customers, rather than continue your efforts and support us Musers.


                        Thanks a bunch Adobe for completely screwing up my web business. Who do I need to talk to about getting those 4 months of my life back!

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                          candiceg55852785 Level 1

                          I really think Adobe should reconsider this. What a waste of time learning such an awesome programme. How do I know that if I switch to Adobe XD that the same won't happen in a few years?

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                            christiner81545283 Level 1

                            I am livid!! How can you discontinue the one usable web design software out there??? I really believe you need to rethink this Adobe!!!!!!! I have built multiple customer sites using MUSE and have spent a great amount of time learning all the ins and outs of the software. Why??? This makes me skeptical to learn any of the new software you offer.

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                              Kennybond Level 2

                              I got on board with Adobe CC from day one. I have previous experience with Dreamweaver but Muse really was perfect for my needs. With my subscription going up and now Muse disappearing I will be doing research into alternatives before I renew my CC subscription.

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                                yardgirl-gb Level 2

                                I can't believe todays announcement, especially coming just three days after paying a lot of money to renew my subscription. As a designer with 'no coding' I moved to adobe from Quark Xpress when they dropped their web offering. Now having spent a lot of time learning the applications, invested money in widgets, fonts and have numerous sites up and running for various clients I feel totally abandoned. Websites by their very nature are an evolving design, unlike print, so clients expect to be able to use and develop their sites over the years. If I had to recreate them in another application this would involve months of additional work which I can't charge for and with no guarantee that I would be able to recreate the sites exactly, which would make me look stupid and unprofessional to my clients.


                                With the amount of criticism on the withdrawal of the app, it would appear that there is a need for Muse or at least a direct replacement within CC. This isn't a game, it's people's business and livelihood at stake and is a very poor decision by Adobe. Luckily all my sites are hosted by independents so at least that is one nightmare I don't have to deal with. Having recently gone through a host provider withdrawing their services and having to move numerous domains and sites which involved a lot of unpaid work and bad feeling with my clients.


                                Suggesting 'other' applications really isn't a solution and Adobe should reconsider their decision. In over 30 years of working Adobe have had a lot of money from me and really should consult their customers before make such far reaching decisions. Other than this forum is their anyway to actually get in touch with the decision makers?

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                                  domain85 Level 1

                                  I think we need to look into a class action vs adobe. They made people believe and trust that they were going to continue this product. Convinced people to switch over client accounts to get them to the cloud platform and then left them out in the cold. They need to pay everyone who invested time and money into them. I hate you Adobe!!!!!!!

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                                    RainyOregonDayGirl Level 1

                                    Adobe, how could you!!!! I rely on Muse to create my art website and the widgets library allows me to connect it to PayPal so that I can actually sell my art. Adobe Portfolio doesn't allow me to do this. I hate prefab sites because they are only customizable to a point and they look cheap. Please, don't discontinue Muse. My business will die.

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                                      RainyOregonDayGirl Level 1

                                      I agree! Or maybe some sort of petition? Do they realize how many small businesses they are shutting down?

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                                        TimskiT Level 1

                                        I also am dumfounded! I have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into learning and developing my skills with Muse. As a visual designer, cutting my creative teeth on the likes of InDesign and Photoshop, I do not possess, like many of my peers, the natural ability to code. Muse was the natural progression towards creating an intuitive program that allowed a visual designer to create original websites.


                                        Adobe state as part of their reason for discontinuing Muse that there is a plethora of 'plug and play' web creation platforms out there, but if you have explored these, you will know just how restricting they are in terms of creating original sites. Most of them are quite horrible, all are pretty much the same and very formulaic.


                                        I feel this is a retrograde step and ask Adobe to reconsider their descision.

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                                          norcalf0x Level 1

                                          The email this morning was a huge shock, to say the least... As someone who originally hated the idea of coding, Muse was a godsend. I used it for several websites, was on the Muse beta team, hell I even have a Muse Rock Star mug from Adobe! But the more websites I developed with Muse, the more I found myself wanting to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted and not be limited by Muse or the available plug-ins offered.


                                          So I learned to code. Is it as fun as working inside of Photoshop, Illustrator or AfterEffects? Absolutely not. Were there moments while trying to debug hand-written code for Internet Exploder I wanted to toss it and go back to Muse? Hell yes. But when you build sites from scratch or use Bootstrap, Foundation (or whatever you prefer), you have total freedom and a HUGE support community where you can copy/paste code from all over the web! You can complete entire sites you would never dream of creating from scratch in Muse. Praise from clients, praise from bosses, and pride knowing you built it yourself (and you can edit the site with NotePad if you have to!) all make the hours spent learning HTML/CSS/JS worth it. Really you can get by with HTML/CSS and a basic understanding of Javascript (and how to Google) And between YouTube, Skillshare, Lynda, Pluralsight, or any other online learning platforms you don't even have to leave your desk to do so.

                                          Adobe has given the Muse community one year to figure out an alternative. Either bite the bullet and learn to code, or rely on another code-free tool which could disappear at any moment. Take the time to process your shock and anger, and then grab yourself by the Bootstrap (v.4) and get to work securing your skillset for the inevitable future!

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                                            LongBeachDave Level 2

                                            I'm pretty blown away at the moment and very disappointed in Adobe.


                                            The reality is, not all designers are coders. I've been working with code for a long time--but it was never my forte. Muse excited the heck out of me and I was able to do things I'd never been able to do before.


                                            Why you would introduce such a great product, build interest in it, and then shut it down so quickly is baffling.

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                                              XTIAN3000 Level 1

                                              Waking up in the West Coast with this most sour news.


                                              Adobe says they are replacing Muse because:

                                              • Designers that are actively engaged in creating complex websites and applications are investing in UX design and prototyping skills while partnering with development teams to bring their designs to life.

                                              Yes they, but more likely in advertising and design agencies. Outside of those agency's are individuals working to make a living. You could go through the effort to outsource work, but why go through the hassle when there's Adobe Muse?


                                              • For simpler websites, we’ve seen the emergence of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website creators that leverage customizable templates to quickly create responsive websites that can be easily modified by the designer or a client.

                                              From my own experience, the simpler websites are... too simple, and never produce the result I'm looking for. With Adobe Muse, I have control. Control of design. Control of SEO.


                                              For these reasons I thought was Muse was a Godsend from Adobe. Now it just looks like a rug to be pulled out from under our feet.


                                              To the client that has invested over $15k as their site lives in on Business Catalyst ready for their big debut, "Sorry. You'll have to pay me roughly another $17k to update your site in about a year."


                                              A Customer of 25 Years,


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                                                jimm0702 Level 1

                                                This is exactly what I'm thinking!

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                                                  LongBeachDave Level 2



                                                  I hear what you are saying


                                                  But as I said in another post I just made: not all designers are good programmers--and they don't have one at their disposal. This application really gave people some freedom to make some great sites. Just recommending that people go learn code I think is oversimplifying the situation. That can be a bear of a task to go learn all the code you need to build the site you want.


                                                  I think the idea should be to focus on making great things more easily without having to submerge yourself in code. Dreamweaver and other applications were a good first step in that direction. Muse was the next one. Or was. Adobe is just as much a company devoted to designers as it is for coders.

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                                                    shaharshamay Level 1

                                                    a dumb decision.. Muse is probably one of the best tools Adobe created over the years.

                                                    I urge you to reconsider this initiative

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                                                      Illostraight Level 3

                                                      You CAN'T do this! All of my hard work and sites I have running, and one with a trade for medical help. You CAN'T shut it down! This is also going to kill all of the developers that have created businesses around them. Good Grief! Why? Make it open source if you're having trouble keeping it updated. I can't learn code, and WordPress is a whole different ball of wax. This is the most streamlined app. Sell it to someone that can take it further or Please reconsider.

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                                                        Sgt. Fury Level 1

                                                        Is it April 1st? Because this is a bad joke Adobe. Muse is a great tool. Even if maintained at its current level, with updates only to accommodate future code and browser updates, it’s still a useful tool. This certainly isn’t a decision made with the user in mind. I can only believe this is a monetary decision. And announced on the heels of a CC price increase to boot. I also write code but enjoy working in Muse and participated in its development from early on. Honestly, I won’t have a huge issue working without Muse, but why should I have to? No communication with the users whatsoever. Just, “Hey everyone, this is over. Deal with it.” I expect more from this company. I would ask Adobe to reconsider this decision. I hope there is enough voice in the community to make this happen. Thank you.

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                                                          Illostraight Level 3

                                                          Exactly, @candice

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                                                            Preran Adobe Employee

                                                            Your sites are not going to be shut down, If you are on BC, you have a year to migrate your sites to a third-party hosting provider.


                                                            Also, Muse will continue to be supported for OS compatibility until next year, and you can continue using Adobe Muse as long as it is supported on your OS, and the code is supported by the browsers of that time.


                                                            I understand that this is not the perfect answer you are looking for, but I was hoping that my post would calm you a little.




                                                            • 27. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                              LongBeachDave Level 2



                                                              Your boilerplate post does not even scratch the surface of the problem with this. For years, Adobe has been at the forefront of bridging the gaps between developer and designers and Muse was a wonderful, forward-thinking solution. A lot of people have put a lot of time into learning this product and investing there businesses in it.


                                                              Obviously you have nothing to do with this decision, so I recommend that you get someone on this thread that can explain a little more why they would do something like this.


                                                              I am so absolutely disappointed in Adobe.

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                                                                Preran Adobe Employee

                                                                I completely get what you say, and I thank you for using Adobe Muse.


                                                                My posts here are based on the many discussions I have had with the team previous to the announcement. I will check with the team to see if they have anything to add to what I have already said, but I seriously doubt it because if there was any more info, I would have known about it by now.


                                                                Because this decision is very unlikely to be revisited, I wanted to focus the energies of this post on alternative solutions. Adobe Muse will continue to be available and supported over the next year. It is also unlikely, IMO, that browser support for the code generated is going away soon.




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                                                                  norcalf0x Level 1

                                                                  @LongBeachDave I am by no means a coder. My bread and butter has and always will be renderings and illustration, and I don't plan on changing that to build websites. Coding is not as stimulating, or interesting by any means. I certainly don't immerse myself in code when creating websites. Most of my time is spent on the development of UI/UX and coding is last on the list. My point was simply you can spend a year learning to understand code and how websites work, and be self-reliant in the future, or move to another platform which could be pulled out from under you again.


                                                                  And yes, it does take time and commitment to learn HTML/CSS, but it really isn't as scary as many designers build it up to be! Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects, these programs all have steep learning curves too, but after investing the time and effort to learn them and gain confidence and speed, now look at how much you can accomplish inside them! The latest code editors have so much code hinting and shortcuts built into them with Emmet and snippets, you don't have to spend hours typing out each line of code as was necessary in the past. A lot of evolution has taken place, and it will only get easier in the future once you can export CSS straight from Adobe XD. Hopefully we will be able to export entire designs with only minor tweaks to code necessary for responsiveness in the not-too-distant future.


                                                                  Bottomline is Adobe did not make this decision lightly, and I would urge people to have faith in themselves, instead of relying on Uncle Adobe to solve all their problems with a new program. Best case scenario, they will release Muse to be open source and those of you unwilling to broaden your skillset will still be able to fall back on Muse as a useful tool in your design arsenal for years to come.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                    Erotokritos Level 1

                                                                    Hi Preran,


                                                                    What do you think ? You believe that we have a clients for one year more and then we should stopping support them ?

                                                                    I have 2 projects on schedule that will need 6 months of development and web design and my contract are to have full support for 2-3 years. What do you think ? How can I trust Adobe for that if you change your mind to continue a software or to stop it without consider the developers, designers and customers of yours.


                                                                    Adobe Muse is for all of us a tool and a software that we make money and living for. A tool that most of us - who do not want to mess with code - have supported our digital business. Why do you think you can play with your customers and their businesses.
                                                                    I think you should be serious about it and if you are aiming to stop it, replace it with another same and equal program, and not with 2-3 demi - systems.

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                                                                      hunterscotty Level 4



                                                                      Some questions:


                                                                      1. Why can the decision not be revisited? We all make mistakes, and the is a huge one from Adobe.
                                                                      2. Who can we contact to lobby for change?
                                                                      3. Adobe should have looked at options for their customers prior to pulling the rug from our feet.
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                                                                        N.A.T Level 2

                                                                        I just ... can't believe this.  I am in as much dismay as I was when I heard about Steve Jobs dying.  I am in mourning today.  Adobe, I have spent the last year building my future with this product and you tear down my life and that of many others in a matter of seconds without even a consultation.  It sounds like it's been a sacrificial lamb for a company that's maybe trying to do too much at one time?  I will seriously rethink doing any further web development and I will hang my head in shame on behalf of Adobe as they obviously have no compunction about making decisions like this ... luring us in with an easy to use product that solves issues on web development and then pulling the rug out from under us.  So they expect me and hundreds of thousands of users to keep paying for their service after this type of disrespect?  So much for being a company for Designers - Muse is a great program that non tech Designers could use and has developed a huge following with quite a lot of boutique businesses hanging off it ... what are they supposed to do now?  Why couldn't they just find a third party to buy it and contine it's development instead of trashing people's hopes and dreams? oversoftwarecompanytactics

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                                                                          jerryl71548752 Level 1

                                                                          Terrible, you know? The first time I exported a Muse and saw all those js files and external references to code that we will depend on being relevant I had a bad feeling that any day this could be taken away from us and we will end up having to rebuild everything we started. But I gambled on it building more and more content over two years.


                                                                          Now it has happened I'm in shock. Will have to now begin the process of hand coding every page of a large website and replace without disruption. 


                                                                          How long do you think it is going to be after support ends that we start to get errors on our sites when we update them?

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                                                                            kepemo Level 1

                                                                            I have about 20 clients on muse sites, it’s 80% of my business. The last two years of my business develop have all been wasted due to Adobe’s decision. I am seriously screwed.

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                                                                              Illostraight Level 3

                                                                              @Kepemo, you and everyone else. This sux.

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                                                                                YOUNGBRANDSLLC Level 1

                                                                                Wow Adobe. For a corporation whose customer base is the creative class, you've sure shown that you don't know much about branding. Today, you hauled off and shot your very esteemed and valuable brand in the foot. You ought to know better - the lost customer trust you see on display right here in this forum is nearly impossible to regain. Not only did you kill off a popular and essential product, but you've given us no viable recourse or product path at all. I imagine others, like me, are furiously downloading your competitors demos - hoping to find a decent solution. Good luck getting them back.  Geez.

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                                                                                • 38. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                                  jeremyd74383785 Level 1

                                                                                  Like most people I am seriously unimpressed with today's announcement. Spent hour learning how to use Muse and hours building my websites. I am a relatively small player but for people whose livelihood depends on Muse this is a massive body blow.

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                                                                                  • 39. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                                    N.A.T Level 2

                                                                                    @ Preran


                                                                                    Thank you for trying to steer us in the direction of alternatives, but it does little to lessen the big blow that Adobe has dished out today - I can't get away from the feeling that I have been punched in the guts.  This ... Muse ... HAS BEEN OUR ALTERNATIVE (and saving grace) to being forced to learn a language that makes as much sense to me as klingon. 


                                                                                    I will be forever grateful to all the Musers that produced wonderful widgets and training tutorials that helped me kind of understand the web, but this will end my delving into it as I don't have time to learn another piece of software logic - as a one woman band, I have enough with graphic design, database development, product design (cad), financial systems, business plans, marketing plans, business management, compliancy and tech in general.  I will now have no choice than to defer to using inferior options like shopify to build the web presence for my store driven businesses or aim to make enough money to hire a coder.  After this week's Facebook debacle, how long that "alternative" will be around is anyone's guess (given how these giant companies sacrifice our time and money). 


                                                                                    Preran, I think you should take this feedback back to the team and convince them to reconsider their move ... else they might end up with a #boycottadobe movement on their hands.  What would they do if every Adobe subscriber stopped subscribing?  What then?

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