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    Cannot enable/use flash player in IE11 in Window8

    yingy12913 Level 1

      (I have posted the same question before; however, I could not find it anywhere. I posted it again. Please ignore it if you saw the duplicated question. Thanks!)

      As captioned, I encounter problems when running flash in IE. Followed the checking troubleshooting procedures listed in Adobe webpages, I encountered problem in enabling the flash player in IE 11 in Window 8. The Shockwave Flash Object cannot be found even on the rich media content page.


      I cannot reinstall the flash player in IE since it said the Flash player is built in IE in Window 8 or later OS version. Tried to follow solutions in other threads with similar issues, like re-register the flash.ocx file. It still doesnt helps.


      Could anyone kindly advise what could be the other solutions? Thank you very much!!!

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Here's my generic advice for Win8/IE11:


          First, confirm that ActiveX Filtering is configured to allow Flash content:



          Internet Explorer 11 and Edge introduce a number of changes both to how the browser identifies itself to remote web servers, and to how it processes JavaScript intended to target behaviors specific to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this means that content on some sites will be broken until the content provider changes their site to conform to the new development approach required by modern versions of IE.


          You can try to work around these issues by using Compatibility View:



          If that doesn't help, here are some other thoughts:


          • Flash Player *is* built into the operating system.  There's nothing to remove or install.
            • The relevant files or permissions may be damaged because of disk or filesystem corruption
            • It's common to see installations damaged by following instructions for removing or upgrading Flash Player on Windows 7 and below on a Win8+ machine.
            • You can try detecting repairing damaged files using the Windows System File Checker:
              https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair -missing-or-corrupted-system
            • If that doesn't work, uninstalling and reinstalling the last Windows Update for IE or Flash Player might fix it
              • Go to add/remove programs, find the windows update section, look for the most recent update to IE or Flash.  Remove it.  Reboot.  Run Windows Update again and re-apply any available updates.
          • Windows 8.1 works much better than Windows 8.  If there's an upgrade available, we'd recommend it.


          Ultimately, Flash Player is installed, updated and managed by Microsoft in this scenario, and you don't have permission to modify the relevant files, even as administrator.  There's not really much else we can do for you beyond pointing you to Microsoft support.


          Alternatively, you could use a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox.