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    Guided Edits Page


      The last version I had was Elements 13. 
      When I used the guided tools, they just appeared as options in a column on the right of the screen.
      I really liked this, because I always had the picture in sight whether switching from Expert to Guided to Basic.

      It was also extremely easy to change from one guided tool to another by just selecting it from a list on the side column.

      Now, when I click on Guided it always takes me out to the main Guided page with large image/icons showing the different tools available.
      Is it possible to avoid having to go out to the Guided page with the photos of each option?  It is a pain to constantly go back and forth and also difficult to find the tool I want because the icons are so large and the name of the tool is hidden within it.  I'll probably get used to finding the ones I want, but this is an annoying extra step than just selecting the name of the tool from a side menu.


      Please tell me if there is a way to simply show the tool names to select from, and preferably while I am still looking at the image.