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    Surface Pro pen in Photoshop CC 2018 pans canvas instead of drawing

    UncleZeiv Level 1

      Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.2 20180302.r.277 2018/03/02: 1160083  x64

      Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

      Version: 10 or greater 10.0.16299.15


      Hi all,


      I'm on a Surface Pro 4 and Photoshop used to work just fine for me but recently I'm experiencing the following problem: often in Brush mode the pen moves the canvas around instead of drawing. This is almost always the case when starting a vertical stroke, less so for horizontal ones.


      This happens:

      - both with and without Photoshop gestures enabled

      - with both the new and old Surface pen

      - with and without hardware acceleration enabled in ps (note: without hardware acceleration, moving the canvas around is comically slow).


      Please note that my Surface pen is working normally other than in this specific instance. All other drawing or writing applications work as usual. I therefore suspect this is a Photoshop specific problem.


      It looks like touch scrolling (as it works in other applications, e.g. in Internet browser windows) is enabled in the main picture window, as I can pan the canvas around with a single finger as well - but my understanding is that this is not normal, as Photoshop touch gestures are their own separate thing and require at least two fingers.


      I'm sure this is something silly in my setup but after trying several options both in Photoshop and Windows Settings, I ran out of ideas. I searched around extensively and nobody seems to be having this problem, but I'm sure nobody is seeing this behaviour as it makes Photoshop utterly unusable.


      If anyone knows what's going on please let me know!