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    No video on secondary monitor

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      I just noticed a relatively new project using D11 and MPEG Advance Xtra 2.0.2 does not show video (WMV-9) if the projector is dragged to my secondary monitor. The audio continues but the video sprite is black. If the projector is dragged back or even left spanning the two screens video can be seen on the primary monitor but not the secondary. Older projects using MX04 and MPEG Advance Xtra 2.0 with WMV-9 work fine on dual monitors. I’ve only just noticed this so I’m beginning the research now to see if it’s a Director or Xtra issue, just curious if anyone else has seen this.
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          Applied CD Level 1
          My bad… I don’t see an option to delete topics so let me just say that somehow I had an odd hybrid in my development folder. The live project was MX04/MPEG Xtra 2.0 and worked fine, D11/MPEG Xtra 2.0.2 also works fine, somehow I had a projector in the development folder that was D11/MPEG Xtra 2.0 which does not work (duh … that’s why there’s 2.0.2)