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    Premiere 12.1 and corresponding Media Encoder completely unusable


      Add me to the list of pissed subscribers. We create medical animations daily and was just treated to all of my clips in 12.1 somehow overlapping themselves despite their position on the timeline and blinking and flashing all the colors of the rainbow. Installed 12.1 and that went away in the editor. Tried to export an h.264 mp4 file, premiere went through Encoder and it spit out the same blinky overlapping result. Installed 12.0 of media encoder and everything is fixed. Horrible, Adobe. Mac Pro late 2013. Been dealing with the horizontal artifacts already from Premiere when the video cards get too hot, now this. I'm done with Premiere and wish I could be done with Adobe altogether. Happy to provide further info and sample videos etc., after I'm done stamping out this fire if you need it, but it seems like I'm far from the only one.