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    Integrating Shopify buy button into muse website



      I work for above Adobe user Eric. My name is Andrea.

      I am very out of my league being on here. However, I am having to jump in the fire and use Muse for a website that I am now in charge of. So, my apologies if my questions are too elementary for the more knowledgable members here.

      We have a web store and want to integrate Shopify Buy buttons for each item. I thought I had everything correct, in Shopify, you enter all info and can generate code for a "buy button" Copy and paste it over to Muse site and it should work. Seems that each buy button has a shopping cart integrated so no need to embed into the master page ( I think). So, I do all of this and generate about 50 buttons and copy and paste them all over. Hit Preview in my muse site and it crashes, everytime. I have not tried to publish, because I feel it will crash and make a giant mess.

      Has anyone come across this problem? Any advice for a not very Tech savvy person? Thanks in advance.