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    Ask the Community Expert: Launch by Adobe

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      Ask the Community Expert: Launch by Adobe


      Launch by Adobe is a next-generation tag management system that does much more than tag management. Launch by Adobe allows any web technology provider, such as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, to build and own integrations with Launch. We call these integrations Extensions.


      Giving ownership over Extensions to the technology provider and not the tag manger gives marketers and implementation experts:

      • Fast deployment of Adobe and non-Adobe products on web properties
      • High-quality Extensions built by experts
      • Adaptable Extensions that can be upgraded to include new functionality
      • Smart deployment of the right technology at the right time
      • Faster webpages
      • Unified and clean data


      Join Rudi Shumpert, Senior Technical Evangelist & Customer Advocate for Launch by Adobe for a live demo.


      Upcoming Dates:


      Additional sessions coming soon!


      *Dates and times are subject to change.


      If you are unable to make one of the sessions listed, check back here for the recordings.



      11/14/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

      11/21/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

      12/19/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

      01/30/18 @ 7:00PM EST - Recording

      01/31/18 @ 9:00AM EST - Recording

      03/01/18 @ 2:00PM EST - Recording



      We've compiled a list of FAQs here. We will also have a short Q&A session at the end of each Demo. Any additional questions can be asked on the Launch, by Adobe community.



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