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    How can I use a FLV/MOV as one of 2 inputs?

      I was wondering if anyone knew of good way to add a video to a 2 input filter (that isn't a blend)?
      I'm using a filter that is a lot like (Ryan Taylor's) DisplacementMapFilter:

      Which I've seen work with still images, but I would love to see it work with a movie as 1 of the inputs.

      If I can get help to make Ryan's filter to work with a FLV or MOV, then I can get it to work on the filter that I'm working on.

      I've got it to work with JPGs (by applying it to a BitmapData object). And I've got a movie to work with a filter with 1 input (which is pretty easy). But this one has really stumped me.

      When it's a blend its really easy, but filters like (Ryan Taylor's) DisplacementMapFilter.pbk won't work with just a blendShader.