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    Page boxes when exporting PDF

    btempleton1982 Level 2

      I'm using the Action Manager Suite to export PDF files. I'm having some trouble figuring out the correct function calls to set the various page boxes. The usual way of saving the action and gathering the settings from that isn't working, because I can't seem to find anywhere in the "Save as PDF" options to change the page boxes in order to record them into the action.


      Anyway, I'm trying to use the suite function like this:


      sAIActionManager->AIActionSetEnumerated(vpb, kAIPDFCropToKey, "????????", kAIPDFTrimBox);


      But I have no idea where to find the string that needs to be in the ????????. The docs say "The name of the enumeration, as shown in the Actions palette." Well.... I can't get this enumeration to show in the Actions palette.


      I've managed to get the "Media" box set the way I want by using the various bleed parameters. But my trim box is always set to the artboard size. I'd like to be able to adjust the trim box on the output PDF.


      Anyone have any thoughts?