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    Convert SWF file to HD video

    SantiagoDiseño Level 1

      Hi to all,


      I have a big problem. I did a 10 second animation in Flash CS5 and exported to a swf file, but my client is asking me a to convert it to a video file with this requirements:


      • Size: HDTV 720P. (1280 X 720) pixels. 30FPS. (Frames per second)
      • Format: stream format: HDV-HD1. Stream Type: MPEG-2. Transport

                  Stream(TS). Aspect Ratio: 16:9. Britate Type: CBR (Constant Bitrate).

                  Number of passes: 1. Video Bitrate: 18300


      I tried some conversion programs to do the job:


      • iWisoft Flash SWF to Video Converter
      • E.M. Magic Swf2Avi
      • Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6
      • Total Video Converter HD


      All of them recognizes the swf file fine, ( I set up the fla file with 1280 X 720 pixels and 30 fps) but when I try to export to a video format with the previous specifications using any of the programs, I get a very slow video, not smooth at all, and sometimes a large video with 2+ minutes (supposed to be only 10 sec). The swf file plays fine.


      Any suggestions? thanks in advance.

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Have you tried importing into an actual video editing program?... like Premiere??

          That software is specifically designed to output video.

          What about "Exporting" the animation as uncompressed .avi or some other video format and then import that into the video editing program to match final specs needed?

          Best wishes,


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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            Just open the original project FLA, file->export movie->AVI (uncompressed) and set the dimensions as you mentioned. After you get the movie exported from flash, convert that AVI (already the proper size) to the format you need.


            If you have the Adobe Suite then you have Adobe Media Encoder. It supports MPEG2 (HDV-HD1 is just a specific set of settings for MPEG2). It's pretty darn easy to set up. No reason to pay for more software if you already have it.

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              Jabbo126 Level 1

              I'm going to cry ... for two days i was looking for some free software to make exact this thing - i dind't find any working properly so i bought Sothing SWF to video convertor ... and you are telling me, that there is implemented function inside Adobe Flash itself? :-D I'm an idiot, well :-) but thanx for this info.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                Not everything works when exporting to movie, like code. You could have a stop() or something like that on a timeline and it will not work as you expect. The file->export movie is only for timeline movies for the most part. Glad it worked for you though.

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                  I am not sure if I suppose to post in here. Just found this thread and having the same problem trying to follow given instructions.. Can I please ask for clarification what application has been used to open FLA file and exporting it to AVI? Thank you

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                    JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                    Nowadays the software is called Adobe Animate CC. Once installed, you go to File > Export Video.... This will give you an uncompressed .mov.


                    Then, with the Adobe Media Encoder or any other software of your choice, you can convert to .avi.