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    Editing Audio in Presenter adds break in sound

      Our department had been previously using Presenter 6.2 without too much trouble. However, since there had been some fixes in 7.0.2, we've decided to upgrade. One of the things our group does is use selected members of our team as our Narrators while another edits the audio. This means either recording audio via a 3rd party app or using presenter's built-in audio recorder. The problem we are witnessing with 7.0.2 is when we need to edit audio within presenter, say, to remove areas where the narrator breathes, Presenter fails to create a seamless edit.

      Here's an example. A person(breath) records a slide. We use presenter to clean the audio up by taking the white noise from the beginning of the slide, and paste it over the breath. However, when that happens, Presenter now looks at the slide like this: "A person (break in sound) records a slide"

      We've looked at the published (in the data folder) format and found that when recording or importing audio using Presenter, it makes a single .mp3 file for each slide. However, after that slide has been edited, Presenter breaks that slide into the pieces it has been "Cut and Pasted" in and puts them together into files that read something like "a24x1x3.mp3, a24x2x5.mp3, a24x3x8.mp3".

      The problem is where these separated mp3 files join, is where the breaks in the audio occur.

      Has this happened to anyone else? Will Adobe ever fix this?

      This seems like the same recording tool that is in Captivate, however, Captivate doesn't have this issue.