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    FMLE Command Line - retry if it doesn't connect?

      I'm running Flash Media Encoder, and have the profiles loading from the command line in batch files - I'm using Scheduled Tasks to start and stop encoding by batch file, eg. "start.bat" looks like this:

      "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Encoder 2.5\FMEcmd.exe" /p c:\profiles\myprofile.xml /l c:\my_log2.txt /r


      I've been using the <reconnectinterval> setting in my profiles to ensure that, if a connection to the server (I'm using Wowza) drops, it will try to reconnect - and this works very well.

      However, 1 time in 10 when the "start" batch file is run, it won't connect - but I know that if it tried again, it would probably connect fine. But the <reconnectinterval> setting doesn't seem to be appropriate here, so I'm looking for an equivalent that says - "if I connected, start encoding and end batch file, if I didn't connect, run again and keep trying until you can connect".

      Someone suggesting starting and stopping the server, rather than the encoders - but the server has to keep running all the time, as it is being used for multiple streams that run at different times - so it has to be the encoders that start and stop at the correct times (it's for live TV).

      This is something that needs to run unattended, hence using scheduled tasks to start and stop the encoding.

      Any ideas?