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    Need print to file help

    Odell Printing

      I haven't had to do this for years so I am running out of memory. I am trying to print to file from InDesign 2017 (and Acrobat, for that matter). I need separation; one page per sep. I don't want PostScript, a pdf is required. I am using my co-workers preset but don't seem to have the necessary printer loaded. My only choice is to pick Adobe PDF 8.0 as my printer; everything else will either print to a device or print postscript.


      But when I pick this printer, it automatically uses Generic PostScript Printer for the PPD. When I do that, it does not allow me to pick custom sizes. I am on a Mac (OS 10.10.5) and my co-worker is on a PC, Windows 7. Is this a difference between the platforms? I can't even find where the PPDs are on my Mac any more.


      My only work-around at this point is to print to PostScript and then distill that file. Problem is, it always defaults to Letter and I have to crop the new pdf.


      This is a workflow I need to fit into and I don't need a bunch of questions about why not this way or that way. I need to produce single page pdfs of a separation, that has crop marks.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Bevi Chagnon | PubCom Adobe Community Professional

          Maybe this will get you want you need:

          1. File / Print
          2. Select Printer: PostScript file (hold on, don't have a cow just yet...)
          3. Select PPD: Adobe PDF (again, no cows)
          4. In the output section, select Separations (or in-RIP separations, not sure of the difference anymore)
          5. This will produce a .PS file.
          6. Double-click the PS file to launch Distiller and create the PDF.
          7. The resulting PDF will be seps for each page.


          Note: I have no idea what you want for trapping and line screening.

          This was tested on Windows, which is what I have available at the moment. But there should be something similar for printers and PPDs on the Mac.


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            andy.white Level 1

            I can confirm Bevi's settings can be mirrored on a mac, however you may have to install the Adobe PPD first.

            Available here: Save as PDF errors and issues in InDesign, Illustrator (Mac OS)


            Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.09.21 pm.jpg

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
              1. InDesign is not designed for any pre separation workflow.
              2. Don't use PostScript in any case with InDesign. It is an old and outdated technology and limits the use of InDesign. Don't use either EPS nor print to PostScript/Distiller.
              3. If you need to print: Export a PDF/X send this to your printer.


              Your described workflow was used in the mid 90s with Quark Xpress or PageMaker 5.0, but should be avoided in any case with InDesign.

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