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    Text not auto flowing While resizing bounding box


      So basically while in InDesign I have a text bounding box with a bunch of text in it.  Before while I was resizing the box the text would automatically reflow within the bounding box or flow into another linked box.  Currently it only reflowes once I have resized my bounding box and then released my mouse.  It was so handy for the text to reflow while I was resizing the box and hope I can get this functionality back.  I know it's something in the preferences that I need to change but I can't seem to recall what it is.  I am running the latest version of CC with Windows 7.


      I know there is an easy answer to this but I can not seem to find it.  I had installed CC on my computer and lost this functionality before and fixed it but now I have a new computer and am trying yet again to get this back and can't remember how I did it and I have exhausted all searches to find the answer.