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    Using Delphi, how to get the pageItem's constructor name?

    goldbridge Level 1


      I want to know how to get the pageItem's constructor name with Delphi.

      In javacript,like this:app.selection[0].constructor.name.

      Anyone can show me a hint to solve this problem?


      Best regards.


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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          There is no Delphi implementation that I know of for scripting InDesign. Up to this date there are 3 official languages as JavaScript, VisualBasic and AppleScript.


          There is an attempt to drive InDesign via Python but as far as I know it's very limited and windows only.


          I really don't know a thing about delphi but the closest thing you could come with is to either drive the COM library on Windows (that's what the Python implementation does ) but you will probably face the same issues as it's not supported in any ways by Adobe, or call a supported language like VB or AppleScript via Delphi if it's even possible.


          There are also some command line call to run ExtendScript ToolKit and so app targeted scripts.


          HTH somehow.