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    Bleed & Slug set, but I still have a white border




      I was hoping someone could help me understand how to fix the bleed on my document. I have set the bleed to .125 inches, then I tried .25 inches and then I even tried adding those same measurements to the slug, but each time I print, there is a thin (maybe 1/4 inch) white border around the paper.


      Could anyone help me in understanding what exactly I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Presumably you're using a desk-top printer, such as A4. Most of these don't print to the edge, they need a margin for grip. Check your printer's spec.

          If the printer prints to a large format e.g A3, print to the larger sheet and trim to size.

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            dannygarber Level 2

            I think Derek answered the question, (with what information was given in regards to size of piece being printed and printer/available paper). A bleed of .125 is pretty standard in U.S.


            Don't think you're doing anything wrong, but you're not going to see bleeds (or crops, slugs, or any other printer's marks) printing a letter-size document with bleeds to letter-size paper. Same applies to any other standard size your adding bleed to. You need to size up your paper in your printer in order to see the desired results printed.

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