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      When I import a 10 chapter Word file into InDesign CC with endnotes the endnotes number continuously, eg Chapter 1 runs from 1 to 107, then chapter starts at 108, even though in the Endnote Options dialogue I have changed Numbering to Start at 1, and the Mode to Restart Every Story. I really need Endnotes in chapter 2 to start as number 1, which it does in the Word file. Thanks in advance.

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          Are your frames threaded in such a way that chapter 1 has only 1 story?

          If you have created chapters using sections in InDesign, but all you frames are threaded across chapters, changing Numbering to restart every story wont be beneficial.


          Story=Data in a single frame or collection of all frames which are threaded.



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            nickt60759771 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. Yes the text flows throughout the document, which is how I usually do it and the endnotes renumber to 1 at the start of each chapter. I can't split the text frames as that will stop reflow. I suspect there is something wrong with the Word file.

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              nickt60759771 Level 1

              Have discovered that the Word file has 'actual' endnotes as opposed to hard entered numbers with the endnote typed in (so not endnote at all). How do I flow the complete Word file in and get it to renumber at 1 at the start of each chapter?

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                Ian Blogs Level 3

                Does any of this help?

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                  nickt60759771 Level 1

                  In case anyone else has this issue, InDesign can only run endnotes properly if you cut the autoflow between chapters. So once you have run in the first chapter, click on the text flow icon at the bottom of the text box, then click back inside the box. This cuts the flow. Then paste chapter 2 into a new text box on the following (unlinked) page. Endnotes now commence at 1. Not ideal but works.

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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    nickt60759771  wrote

                    … How do I flow the complete Word file in and get it to renumber at 1 at the start of each chapter?


                    as you found out you cannot do this.

                    For this you have to cut the inital flow into two or more flows after placing the Word file.


                    There is a script by Luis Felipe Corullón that is working very well on this:

                    Re: Break threading but leave text in place