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    Characters appear in wrong place in Indesign table header

    alexs3347765 Level 1

      I'm currently working on a table in Indesign, this one is a little hard to explain, so bear with me. When I click the mouse at the end of the text the line cursor will appear and start to flash as expected. But when I type in a symbol, for example, a closed bracket, it appears at the end of the text instead of where the cursor is at the beginning of the text. I've noticed this only happens when typing a symbol, not a letter.


      So the heading text I'm trying type is: Price (pp)


      What's happening instead is this: (Price (pp


      The bracket seems to appear at the start of the text instead of at the end (and also the wrong way round)


      This is also happening with the following text, I want to type this:



      - Vat


      But it types this instead:


      Vat -


      So in this instance it appears at the end of the line instead of at the beginning.


      The other strange thing is that it's only happening in a few of the cells, not all of them.


      I've never encountered this before, what's going on?