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    Custom rendering...


      We have a proprietary media pipeline that we want to use to deliver video from our DVR product. The media pipeline is in c++. We would like to avoid trans-coding the video and/or stream it, but to render it directly. Performance is key. We did this for our WPF C# application using interop and managed C++, but I find no way of doing something similar with Flex. We want to use Flex and AIR to deliver our next product, but the video is key. Any ideas or direction?

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          rtalton Level 4
          What format is your video currently in?
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            bvelasquez Level 1
            What comes out of the hardware is 8 channels of YUV 4.1.1. Our media pipeline handles the conversion process and rendering. Ideally, we want to handle all buffering, rendering, and have tighter control over the video display process and not leave it to stock controls, which take a lot of this out of your hands.

            The worst case scenario for me right now is to render to the display and then overlay this with a flash/air application with transparent holes punched through (not preferred).