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    Does InDesign still support 'Go to Destination' action for buttons??

    hernan-sosa Level 1


      I used to be able to create buttons in a table of contents in a masterpage to navigate large documents.

      The button would use the 'Go To Destination' action linking to a Text Anchor hyperlink destination.

      Is this still supported in the latest versions of InDesign?? I'm not longer able to get this to work.


      I know I can create 'go to page' buttons in Acrobat. But for this project it'd be too time-consuming.

      The only option that works is if I create a Hyperlink that goes to a Text Anchor.

      This works OK - the main advantage of the button is that it looks nicer and is more intuitive for the user as I can create a hover/rollover effect.


      If button action 'Go to Destination' is not longer supported, is there a way to have a rollover effect in hyperlinks?