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    Randomising opacity value (between 60% and 90%) across large numbers of shapes. please help

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      I'm creating an animated background for a large format display (30m x 3m, 11520 x 1152) for an event. I was hoping to do this with Trapcode Mir but the client wants perfect triangles as shown below.

      Artboard 3.png


      I have this as an Ai file so I can scale it to the correct size but is there a way i can randomise the opacity value of each individual triangle over time in AE?


      I was considering building this in Cinema 4D, extruding and animating the height to make it more dynamic but the Lite version doesn't seem to be capable of this and the budget is too tight to justify a short term license for the full version.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


      I'd rather do it without plugins but I have the RG Trapcode Suite and would consider buying a plugin up to $100 if it can save me a headache.




      Edit - I forgot to add, this needs to be a seamless loop although I can always duplicate the first comp and reverse it to allow it to loop.


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