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    Problem Parsing JPEG Data

    santoshrane Level 1

      This problem has been posted long back in 2014 and then 2016.


      My photoshop CC 2017 was good until I got an update for 2018. Now I cannot open any JPEG files. I get Problem parsing JPEG data.


      Following what I have done

      1: Reinstalled windows and photoshop CC 2018.

      2: Installed older version 2017

      3: Spoke to chat support - They asked me to install some RAW update 9.1.1 (Totally useless)

      4: Chat support then did a remote session and then made few changes, then blamed the computer RAM for the same. SO I did a memory diagnostic to verify the same. The memory diagnostic didn't show any module or RAM memory problem


      Even after doing the above I still have the error.


      This has all started after the new update for 2018 came through.


      Has anyone able to fix this please. I am not looking to convert file in paint for any other app to make photoshop work.


      Please help