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    Highly disappointed having Premiere CC 2018...any help out there?

    Santhosh Radhakrishnan Level 1

      Highly disappointed having Premiere CC 2018...had great hopes with this software...bought a HPZ800 Machine with a 12Core processor and 64GBRAM with NVIdia Quadro 4000 2GB Graphics card, spending a hefty amount and here Premiere throws all tantrums cutting down my speed of editing and finishing projects. The clips do not refresh quickly, the pull in out number slider in Motion doesnt work properly when I click the numbers and pull them. Have to wait pretty long time before the media gets refreshed and gets on the working mode. Am unable to understand why such sluggishness when Adobe is heralding a new era of efficient work pipeline for all kind of projects? Is there anyone who can give me convincing answers for this? I am losing time now in finishing projects because of these issues.